What does "Treble" mean?


(a.) Acute; sharp; as, a treble sound (a.) Playing or singing the highest part or most acute sounds; playing or singing the treble; as, a treble violin or voice (a.) Threefold; triple (adv.) Trebly; triply (n.) The highest of the four principal parts in music; the part usually sung by boys or women; soprano (v. i.) To become threefold (v. t.) To make thrice as much; to make threefold (v. t.) To utter in a treble key; to whine

Synonyms high, double, multiple, dual, triple, twofold, soprano, ternary, threefold, triplex, high-pitched

Example: "A claim for treble (or triple) damages" Example: "The boy still had a fine treble voice" Example: "A treble row of red beads" Example: "Every episode has its double and treble meaning-Frederick Harrison"

Word Family trebled, trebles, trebling