What does "Translate" mean?


(v. i.) To make a translation; to be engaged in translation (v. t.) To bear, carry, or remove, from one place to another; to transfer; as, to translate a tree (v. t.) To cause to lose senses or recollection; to entrance (v. t.) To cause to remove from one part of the body to another; as, to translate a disease (v. t.) To change into another form; to transform (v. t.) To change to another condition, position, place, or office; to transfer; hence, to remove as by death (v. t.) To remove to heaven without a natural death (v. t.) To remove, as a bishop, from one see to another (v. t.) To render into another language; to express the sense of in the words of another language; to interpret; hence, to explain or recapitulate in other words

Synonyms read, understand, interpret, transform

Example: "Poetry often does not translate" Example: "The growth in income translates into greater purchasing power" Example: "Braque translated collage into oil" Example: "I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S." Example: "Can you translate the instructions in this manual for a layman?"

Word Family translatable, translated, translates, translating, translation, translations, translator, translators, untranslatable, untranslated