What does "Tenacious" mean?


(a.) Apt to adhere to another substance; glutinous; viscous; sticking; adhesive (a.) Apt to retain; retentive; as, a tenacious memory (a.) Having parts apt to adhere to each other; cohesive; tough; as, steel is a tenacious metal; tar is more tenacious than oil (a.) Holding fast, or inclined to hold fast; inclined to retain what is in possession; as, men tenacious of their just rights (a.) Holding stoutly to one's opinion or purpose; obstinate; stubborn (a.) Niggardly; closefisted; miserly

Synonyms stubborn, coherent, long, dour, dogged, adhesive, bulldog, unyielding, pertinacious, retentive

Example: "A tenacious memory" Example: "Tenacious burrs" Example: "A mind not gifted to discover truth but tenacious to hold it- T.S.Eliot"

Word Family tenaciously, tenaciousness