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What does "Subtle" mean?


(superl.) Characterized by refinement and niceness in drawing distinctions; nicely discriminating; -- said of persons; as, a subtle logician; refined; tenuous; sinuous; insinuating; hence, penetrative or pervasive; -- said of the mind; its faculties, or its operations; as, a subtle intellect; a subtle imagination; a subtle process of thought; also, difficult of apprehension; elusive (superl.) Cunningly devised; crafty; treacherous; as, a subtle stratagem (superl.) Sly in design; artful; cunning; insinuating; subtile; -- applied to persons; as, a subtle foe (superl.) Smooth and deceptive

Synonyms insidious, pernicious, elusive, delicate, perceptive, harmful, impalpable

Example: "A subtle mind" Example: "Subtle aromas" Example: "His whole attitude had undergone a subtle change" Example: "A subtle poison"

Word Family subtleness, subtler, subtlest, subtly, unsubtle