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What does "Subject" mean?


(a.) Exposed; liable; prone; disposed; as, a country subject to extreme heat; men subject to temptation (a.) Hence, that substance or being which is conscious of its own operations; the mind; the thinking agent or principal; the ego. Cf. Object, n., 2 (a.) Obedient; submissive (a.) Placed or situated under; lying below, or in a lower situation (a.) Placed under the power of another; specifically (International Law), owing allegiance to a particular sovereign or state; as, Jamaica is subject to Great Britain (a.) Specifically: One who is under the authority of a ruler and is governed by his laws; one who owes allegiance to a sovereign or a sovereign state; as, a subject of Queen Victoria; a British subject; a subject of the United States (a.) That in which any quality, attribute, or relation, whether spiritual or material, inheres, or to which any of these appertain; substance; substratum (a.) That of which anything is affirmed or predicated; the theme of a proposition or discourse; that which is spoken of; as, the nominative case is the subject of the verb (a.) That which is brought under thought or examination; that which is taken up for discussion, or concerning which anything is said or done (a.) That which is placed under the authority, dominion, control, or influence of something else (a.) That which is subjected, or submitted to, any physical operation or process; specifically (Anat.), a dead body used for the purpose of dissection (a.) The person who is treated of; the hero of a piece; the chief character (n.) The incident, scene, figure, group, etc., which it is the aim of the artist to represent (n.) The principal theme, or leading thought or phrase, on which a composition or a movement is based (v. t.) To bring under control, power, or dominion; to make subject; to subordinate; to subdue (v. t.) To cause to undergo; as, to subject a substance to a white heat; to subject a person to a rigid test (v. t.) To expose; to make obnoxious or liable; as, credulity subjects a person to impositions (v. t.) To make subservient (v. t.) To submit; to make accountable

Synonyms issue, content, discipline, case, matter, field, study, theme, dependent, subordinate, national, subjugate, topic, guinea pig, field of study, branch of knowledge, depicted object, subject area, subject field

Example: "A moving picture of a train is more dramatic than a still picture of the same subject" Example: "He didn't want to discuss that subject" Example: "The subjects for this investigation were selected randomly" Example: "He had been thinking about the subject for several years" Example: "Teachers should be well trained in their subject" Example: "A monarch has a duty to his subjects" Example: "He subjected me to his awful poetry" Example: "He did not want to subject himself to the judgments of his superiors" Example: "Subject peoples" Example: "The time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation"

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