What does "Stimulate" mean?


(v. t.) To excite as if with a goad; to excite, rouse, or animate, to action or more vigorous exertion by some pungent motive or by persuasion; as, to stimulate one by the hope of reward, or by the prospect of glory (v. t.) To excite; to irritate; especially, to excite the activity of (a nerve or an irritable muscle), as by electricity

Synonyms get, have, make, cause, brace, shake, induce, rush, stir, provoke, arouse, excite, hasten, energize, shake up, perk up, energise

Example: "Stimulate my appetite" Example: "Coffee and tea stimulate me" Example: "The book stimulated her imagination"

Word Family stimulated, stimulates, stimulating, stimulation, stimulations, stimulatory