What does "Speech" mean?


(n.) A particular language, as distinct from others; a tongue; a dialect (n.) Talk; mention; common saying (n.) The faculty of uttering articulate sounds or words; the faculty of expressing thoughts by words or articulate sounds; the power of speaking (n.) formal discourse in public; oration; harangue (n.) he act of speaking; that which is spoken; words, as expressing ideas; language; conversation (n.) ny declaration of thoughts (v. i. & t.) To make a speech; to harangue

Synonyms address, language, words, delivery, lecture, oral communication, manner of speaking, talking to, spoken language

Example: "His speech was garbled" Example: "They were perfectly comfortable together without speech" Example: "He could hear them uttering merry speeches" Example: "The actor forgot his speech" Example: "Her speech was barren of southernisms"

Word Family speeches, speechless