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What does "Savor" mean?


(a.) Hence, specific flavor or quality; characteristic property; distinctive temper, tinge, taint, and the like (a.) Pleasure; delight; attractiveness (a.) Sense of smell; power to scent, or trace by scent (a.) That property of a thing which affects the organs of taste or smell; taste and odor; flavor; relish; scent; as, the savor of an orange or a rose; an ill savor (n.) To have a particular smell or taste; -- with of (n.) To partake of the quality or nature; to indicate the presence or influence; to smack; -- with of (n.) To use the sense of taste (v. t.) To have the flavor or quality of; to indicate the presence of (v. t.) To perceive by the smell or the taste; hence, to perceive; to note (v. t.) To taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in; to relish; to like; to favor

Synonyms relish, enjoy, taste, smack, tang, bask, flavor, savour, flavour, sapidity

Example: "Savor the soup"