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What does "Past" mean?


(adv.) By; beyond; as, he ran past (n.) A former time or state; a state of things gone by (prep.) Above; exceeding; more than (prep.) Beyond, in position, or degree; further than; beyond the reach or influence of (prep.) Beyond, in time; after; as, past the hour (v.) Of or pertaining to a former time or state; neither present nor future; gone by; elapsed; ended; spent; as, past troubles; past offences

Synonyms by, old, ancient, medieval, preceding, historical, gone, recent, yore, historic, ago, earlier, bygone, foregone, prehistoric, yesteryear, ultimo, retiring, departed, agone, olden, ult, chivalric, bypast, knightly, past tense, past times, prehistorical

Example: "Forget the past" Example: "Reporters dug into the candidate's past" Example: "Time past" Example: "Past participle" Example: "Every hour a train goes past"

Word Family pasts