What does "Nice" mean?


(superl.) Apprehending slight differences or delicate distinctions; distinguishing accurately or minutely; carefully discriminating; as, a nice taste or judgment (superl.) Delicate; refined; dainty; pure (superl.) Done or made with careful labor; suited to excite admiration on account of exactness; evidencing great skill; exact; fine; finished; as, nice proportions, nice workmanship, a nice application; exactly or fastidiously discriminated; requiring close discrimination; as, a nice point of law, a nice distinction in philosophy (superl.) Foolish; silly; simple; ignorant; also, weak; effeminate (superl.) Of trifling moment; nimportant; trivial (superl.) Overscrupulous or exacting; hard to please or satisfy; fastidious in small matters (superl.) Pleasing; agreeable; gratifying; delightful; good; as, a nice party; a nice excursion; a nice person; a nice day; a nice sauce, etc

Synonyms good, decent, fastidious, precise, gracious, courteous, pleasant, dainty, polite, discriminate, prissy, squeamish, respectable, skillful, discriminating, overnice

Example: "What a nice fellow you are and we all thought you so nasty- George Meredith" Example: "A nice bit of craft" Example: "A nice girl" Example: "A nice sense of color" Example: "Too nice about his food to take to camp cooking" Example: "A nice gesture"

Word Family nicely, niceness, nicer, nicest