What does "Debauch" mean?


(n.) An act or occasion of debauchery (n.) Excess in eating or drinking; intemperance; drunkenness; lewdness; debauchery (n.) To lead away from purity or excellence; to corrupt in character or principles; to mar; to vitiate; to pollute; to seduce; as, to debauch one's self by intemperance; to debauch a woman; to debauch an army

Synonyms profane, corrupt, debauchery, vitiate, pervert, riot, orgy, debase, saturnalia, bacchanal, deprave, demoralize, bacchanalia, misdirect, drunken revelry

Example: "Debauch the young people with wine and women"

Word Family debauched, debaucher, debaucheries, debauchers, debauchery, debauches, debauching