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What does "Assess" mean?


(v.) To apportion a sum to be paid by (a person, a community, or an estate), in the nature of a tax, fine, etc.; to impose a tax upon (a person, an estate, or an income) according to a rate or apportionment (v.) To determine and impose a tax or fine upon (a person, community, estate, or income); to tax; as, the club assessed each member twenty-five cents (v.) To fix or determine the rate or amount of (v.) To value; to make a valuation or official estimate of for the purpose of taxation

Synonyms value, measure, evaluate, tax, appraise

Example: "Our house hasn't been assessed in years"

Word Family assessable, assessed, assesses, assessing, assessment, assessments, assessor, assessors, reassess, reassessed, reassessing, reassessment, reassessments, unassessed