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What does "Animate" mean?


(a.) Endowed with life; alive; living; animated; lively (v. t.) To give natural life to; to make alive; to quicken; as, the soul animates the body (v. t.) To give powers to, or to heighten the powers or effect of; as, to animate a lyre (v. t.) To give spirit or vigor to; to stimulate or incite; to inspirit; to rouse; to enliven

Synonyms sentient, inspire, vital, exalt, revive, invigorate, enliven, recreate, quicken, liven, sensate, vivify, liven up, revivify, reanimate, animize

Example: "Animated cartoons" Example: "We are animate beings" Example: "The word `dog' is animate"

Word Family animated, animatedly, animates, animating, animation, animations, inanimate