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What does "Alien" mean?


(a.) Not belonging to the same country, land, or government, or to the citizens or subjects thereof; foreign; as, alien subjects, enemies, property, shores (a.) Wholly different in nature; foreign; adverse; inconsistent (with); incongruous; -- followed by from or sometimes by to; as, principles alien from our religion (n.) A foreigner; one owing allegiance, or belonging, to another country; a foreign-born resident of a country in which he does not possess the privileges of a citizen. Hence, a stranger. See Alienage (n.) One excluded from certain privileges; one alienated or estranged; as, aliens from God's mercies (v. t.) To alienate; to estrange; to transfer, as property or ownership

Synonyms exotic, foreign, strange, alienate, foreigner, estrange, extrinsic, unknown, stranger, extraterrestrial, outlander, disaffect, noncitizen, extraterrestrial being

Example: "The will aliened the property to the heirs" Example: "An economic theory alien to the spirit of capitalism" Example: "Alien customs"

Word Family alienate, alienated, alienates, alienating, alienation, aliens, inalienable