What does "Air" mean?


(n.) A musical idea, or motive, rhythmically developed in consecutive single tones, so as to form a symmetrical and balanced whole, which may be sung by a single voice to the stanzas of a hymn or song, or even to plain prose, or played upon an instrument; a melody; a tune; an aria (n.) A particular state of the atmosphere, as respects heat, cold, moisture, etc., or as affecting the sensations; as, a smoky air, a damp air, the morning air, etc (n.) Air in motion; a light breeze; a gentle wind (n.) An artificial or affected manner; show of pride or vanity; haughtiness; as, it is said of a person, he puts on airs (n.) Any aeriform body; a gas; as, oxygen was formerly called vital air (n.) Carriage; attitude; action; movement; as, the head of that portrait has a good air (n.) In harmonized chorals, psalmody, part songs, etc., the part which bears the tune or melody -- in modern harmony usually the upper part -- is sometimes called the air (n.) Intelligence; information (n.) Odoriferous or contaminated air (n.) Peculiar appearance; apparent character; semblance; manner; style (n.) Symbolically: Something unsubstantial, light, or volatile (n.) That which surrounds and influences (n.) The artificial motion or carriage of a horse (n.) The fluid which we breathe, and which surrounds the earth; the atmosphere. It is invisible, inodorous, insipid, transparent, compressible, elastic, and ponderable (n.) The peculiar look, appearance, and bearing of a person; mien; demeanor; as, the air of a youth; a heavy air; a lofty air (n.) The representation or reproduction of the effect of the atmospheric medium through which every object in nature is viewed (n.) To expose for the sake of public notice; to display ostentatiously; as, to air one's opinion (n.) To expose to heat, for the purpose of expelling dampness, or of warming; as, to air linen; to air liquors (n.) To expose to the air for the purpose of cooling, refreshing, or purifying; to ventilate; as, to air a room (n.) Utterance abroad; publicity; vent

Synonyms line, broadcast, strain, open, bare, aura, beam, send, atmosphere, tune, zephyr, vent, breeze, transmit, melody, aviation, outdoors, publicize, airing, ventilate, out-of-doors, airwave, open air, air travel, publicise, air out, melodic line, melodic phrase, gentle wind

Example: "An air of mystery" Example: "The program was on the air from 9 til midnight" Example: "Her hand stopped in mid air" Example: "Air pollution" Example: "It was exposed to the air" Example: "Air travel involves too much waiting in airports" Example: "She was humming an air from Beethoven" Example: "As he waited he could feel the air on his neck" Example: "Air linen" Example: "We cannot air this X-rated song" Example: "This show will air Saturdays at 2 P.M." Example: "She aired her opinions on welfare" Example: "Air the old winter clothes"

Word Family aired, airier, airiest, airily, airiness, airing, airings, airless, airs, airy, midair