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What does "Affect" mean?


(n.) Affection; inclination; passion; feeling; disposition (v. t.) To act upon; to produce an effect or change upon (v. t.) To aim at; to aspire; to covet (v. t.) To assign; to appoint (v. t.) To dispose or incline (v. t.) To influence or move, as the feelings or passions; to touch (v. t.) To love; to regard with affection (v. t.) To make a show of; to put on a pretense of; to feign; to assume; as, to affect ignorance (v. t.) To show a fondness for; to like to use or practice; to choose; hence, to frequent habitually (v. t.) To tend to by affinity or disposition

Synonyms strike, impact, move, regard, touch, feign, involve, sham, impress, pretend, dissemble, bear on, touch on, bear upon

Example: "Will the new rules affect me?" Example: "This new ruling affects your business"

Word Family affected, affecting, affects, unaffected