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What does "Acquaint" mean?


(v. t.) Acquainted (v. t.) To communicate notice to; to inform; to make cognizant; -- followed by with (formerly, also, by of), or by that, introducing the intelligence; as, to acquaint a friend with the particulars of an act (v. t.) To familiarize; to accustom (v. t.) To furnish or give experimental knowledge of; to make (one) to know; to make familiar; -- followed by with

Synonyms present, introduce, familiarize, familiarise

Example: "Please acquaint your colleagues of your plans to move" Example: "You should acquaint yourself with your new computer" Example: "Permit me to acquaint you with my son"

Word Family acquaintance, acquaintances, acquaintanceship, acquaintanceships, acquainted, acquainting, acquaints, unacquainted