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How It Works

With VocabReminder you can search for any word in the English language for word definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, example sentences and word families.

VocabReminder works 100% offline. But it is more than just an offline dictionary.

VocabReminder is a dictionary designed for memory retention!

When you find a word you want to learn, add it to your list of words by tapping on the bell icon next to each word.

We setup a schedule of reminders to help you actually remember the meanings of the words you've chosen.

You won't have to set time aside to study anymore!

You will effortlessly build a great vocabulary with VocabReminder.

An Algorithm Designed for Retention

Research has shown that retention is improved through repetition, writing, recall and unplanned reinforcement.

VocabReminder improves your vocabulary by employing all of these techniques — using a proprietary algorithm for determining the optimal time to send you vocab reminders.

""I read a lot and like to look up words I don't know on Google so that I understand them at the time, but I never seem to retain their definitions because I don't actively study them. That's why I really enjoy using this app. I add every new word I come across to my list and I'm reminded throughout the day. In a just few days I know the word and I feel like I didn't even have to study. VocabReminder is surely the only way to learn new words now. I can't believe no one came up with something like this earlier!""
— Sydney Allison

With VocabReminder You Can...

Search thousands of English words

Learn definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, word families and example sentences

Block off days and times when you don't want any reminders

Hear pronunciations for every word

Learn over 5000 SAT words

Explore related words used in definitions and example sentences

Works on all your devices, tablets included!

Works 100% offline